Black & Teal Concepts is a development and branding studio. We are artists with a passion for aesthetics, authenticity and action. We apply these ideals to each project and client relationship toward the goal of fostering their full potential. We mentor small business as well as upcoming artists and actively work in City development in Shinnston, West Virginia.

Black & Teal Concepts is owned and managed by Brendan Gallagher and Maria Cusack.

Brendan Gallagher

Owner/Branding Specialist/Project Manager

Brendan is a certified trainer in Go Lead from Americorps and works within the company helping businesses and individuals to better define their needs and how to create best practices to address them. Additionally, he is a writer and guides the creative visions of company projects and manages client relationships. He is also the director of The Soapbox. Brendan is passionate about music, as lead singer of his band Last Year’s Model, and is a Star Wars aficionado.

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Maria Cusack

Owner/Writer/Creative Director

Maria works on the creative side of project management; content writing; and company branding. In addition, Maria is the operations manager and content director for all Black & Teal business. Maria is passionate about wellness, music and vintage fashion.

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Our job starts with you: understanding your needs and mission so we can present options that resonate and seamlessly align with your goals.